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Why Hire Butler Consultants

We do the work - saving you Time and Money while getting your plan done right
Our team has the Experience you need to take the next step
Honest and Ethical team to point your company in the right direction
Get Funded by working with a leading business plan consulting firm
We only create top Quality business plans customized to your business
We have Proven Results with Stellar Customer Feedback
We have a strict Confidentiality Agreement to give you peace of mind
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Our Mission

Butler Consultants' mission is to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with a source for their business planning needs. We strive to exceed the highest expectations of our clients and their investors by delivering the most accurate and ethical services in the industry. We empower our clients with the documentation needed to realize their dreams and find funding for their next venture.

About Butler Consultants was created to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with a source for custom, accurate, and quality business plans, as well as financial forecasting and market research. Our extensive experience in business plans and forecasting enables us to adeptly build plans for organizations in all industries. We have worked on over 8,000 business plans in hundreds of different industries.

Our Process

Contact us for a free quote
Pay 50% on a secure website and both parties sign a non-disclosure service agreement
You answer questions about your business and goals
A Writer, Researcher and Financial Modeler build your business plan
Plan is complete and remaining 50% is due
You receive the business plan in Word and Excel
You have 30 days to request FREE changes to the document

Brian Butler, Owner & Lead Financial Modeler
Brian Butler is the founder of Butler Consultants. He is the lead financial modeler and consultant, levering a background in business and financial analysis. His many qualifications and experience make him a sound leader and extraordinary financial modeler. He excels at preparing financial projections for start-up and existing businesses, including the creation of income statements, cash flows, balance sheets, sales forecasts, personnel rollouts, and more. Brian has extensive experience creating financial models for just about any industry out there.

Brian holds a Concordia University, Harvard case-based Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship. He also holds three separate Bachelor’s Degrees in Information Systems, Business with a focus in Finance, and Economics.

Brian is also an avid classic car collector, having spent the past couple decades buying old cars and restoring them beyond their previous glory. A husband, and a father of 3 boys, he also spends his spare time building a great life and ensuring there’s always something fun going on.
Jon Rossitto, VP of Operations & Lead Researcher
Jon has been writing market analysis and business plans for over a decade. With thousands of plans under his belt, there almost nothing he hasn’t written about. Past jobs included early stints in retail, agriculture, facilities management, the restaurant industry, and public service, though a passion was found in golf course management, working at multiple facilities. He then settled into writing as a career, utilizing a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon while often combining real-world interests with the journalism field, covering sports, golf course management and the business of golf while at a newspaper in Oregon and then at a golf magazine in Florida.

In addition to having written about nearly any industry on the planet, he’s an aficionado in varied topics that revolve around combining creativity and practicality: Architecture, construction, landscaping, furniture making, brewing, winemaking, and green technology. Traveling to see the world is also always on his mind, getting to know where people live and how that shapes their lives. In addition to having lived in all four corners of the U.S., he’s visited over 40 states and 12 countries.

Market Research Experts (Employees of Butler Consultants)
Our business plan researchers have years of experience writing and researching information for business plans. These team members collect data and support material for the market analysis, market research and industry research sections from a variety of trusted sources and industry experts. The marketing section is one of the most time-intensive and complicated sections of the business plan. Every plan will include one market research expert.

Butler Consultants subscribes to a number of databases where our experts can gather important information for your business plan.
Business Plan Writers (Employees of Butler Consultants)
Our business plan writers are professional writers with years of business-writing experience. Their years of actual business and executive experience will help guide your business in the right direction. Every business plan is written by only one writer to provide a seamless document. Our writers work side by side with the financial consultants to create a powerful, custom, funding-ready document. Our business plan writers will consult and provide valuable business knowledge to your business plan.

A Few Industries We Have Built Models for (this list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Advertising, Branding and Marketing
  • Airlines, Hotels and Travel Projections
  • Animal and Pest Control Projections
  • Apparel Design and Manufacturing
  • Apparel, Textiles and Fashions
  • Automobiles, Trucking, Motorcycles
  • Banking, Mortgages and Credit Services
  • Beverage: Liquor, Energy, Other
  • Biotechnology, Drugs and Genetics
  • Breweries and Wineries Projections
  • Car Washes, Towing Vehicle Mainte.
  • Cash Advance and Loan Services
  • Charities, Ministries and Non Profits
  • Child Care Centers and Schools
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Consulting, Legal and Accounting
  • Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores
  • Design, Remodeling Services, Supplies
  • Energy and Utilities Financial Projections
  • Engineering and Research Financial
  • Entertainment: Media, Film, Broadcasting
  • Family Entertainment and Waterparks
  • Fashion and Modeling: Design and Retail
  • Food, Beverages, Tobacco Projections
  • Furniture Stores and Manufacturing
  • Gas, Fuel, and Service Stations
  • Government Contractors Financial Projections
  • Green Companies/Energy Financial Projections
  • Health: Pharmacy and Weigh Loss Clinics
  • Home and Adult Daycare Elderly Facilities
  • Hospitality Industry: Inns, B and B, Hotels
  • Hydroponics Financial Projections
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Internet: Social Networks, Ecommerce
  • Lawn Care and Landscaping Financial
  • Manufacturing Financial Projections
  • Medical Facilities and Devices Projections
  • Nanotechnology and High Tech Projections
  • Prop. Manage., Real Estate Develop.
  • Real Estate: Construction Architecture
  • Recycling Center and Trash Service
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy
  • Restaurant, Bars and Coffee Shops
  • Retail: Centers, Freestanding, Online
  • Salons and Barbershops Financial
  • Sporting Goods, Shooting Range, Supply
  • Telecom., Internet and E-Commerce
  • Transportation: Air, Ground, Water
  • Vending Machines and Water Service
  • Wireless and Cellular Financial Projections
  • Yoga, Fitness Centers, Spas, and Sports
  • Many More Financial Projections
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